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pretty much every BTS song tbh

  • rapmon:

    aggressive fast ass raspy ass rapping soundin like he need like four or five cough drops, sprinklings of english hip hop phrases

  • suga:

    aggressive slightly less raspy rappin, lisp got him spittin on the front row, prolly just called you a lame or talked about snatchin yo girl

  • j-hope:

    aggressive tongue twister rapping but mostly just doing dumb shit with his voice and yelling in the background

  • v:

    deep ass voice for the hook soundin like his balls dropped at age 8 and he never looked back

  • jin:

    i swear bruh dont exist, he steals the hook from v like once (stop sleepin on his fine ass BigHit)

  • jimin:

    chorus and high ass whining in the background

  • jungkook:

    singing, rapping, singing & rapping, shittin on everybody, got every cat in the game hatin no matter what (you go golden maknae~)

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